20 Incredible Reasons to Start a Yoni Egg Practice

20 Incredible Reasons to Start a Yoni Egg Practice

If you want to reclaim your pleasure, and embrace your desires, starting a Yoni Egg practice will be your new medicine. Yoni Eggs are an ancient tool that women have used for centuries to assist our physical health, sensual potency and spiritual awakening. For women who have either never had a vaginal orgasm or have had merely a few sparks here and there, a consistent yoni egg practice can awaken your sexual potential and allow you to reach states of heightened pleasure that you may have never felt before.  Here are 20 reasons to begin a Yoni Egg practice:

1. Tone, strengthen and balance the pelvic floor muscles

2. Increase cervical fluid and lubrication

3. Increase fertility naturally by feeding your vital organs with hydration and oxygenation- which can have a healing impact on your entire monthly cycle.

4. Alleviate pelvic floor pain

5. Balance the left and right quadrants of the pelvic floor (feminine and masculine)

6. Reconnect to your sexuality

7. Increase libido

8. Stop your partner from ejaculation or bring him to climax. When the pelvic floor muscles are strengthened, we can control our partners ejaculation more.

9. Enhance creativity and power through waking up the sacral chakra, our center of sensuality and creativity. 

10. Heal past sexual trauma

11. Release stagnant energy from the pelvis by promoting new blood flow to the area

12. Reduce/eliminate PMS

13. Reduce/eliminate painful menstruation

14. Promote hormonal balance and harmony

15. Increase power, frequency, and duration of orgasms. Pelvic muscles contract during orgasm and so, by using Yoni Eggs to strengthen and tone pelvic muscles, you can directly improve orgasmic contractions. This basically means that when you orgasm, you will feel more pleasure. By simply wearing the egg and doing regular practices, you will be able to enhance your pleasure.

16. Encourage deeper awareness and articulation of the pelvic floor muscles

17. Encourage healing dreams

18. Assist postpartum healing/recovery. After childbirth, many women feel that the vagina is stretched out. The feeling in the vagina can also decrease, which can lead to e.g reduced sexual pleasure. Yoni egg is an amazing tool and with the right training it can help the uterus, pelvis, and vagina to repair itself after you have given birth. When you first start using  your yoni egg after childbirth, even as little as five minutes practice each day will help you strengthen your sexual organs and make a huge difference.

19. Assist birth trauma healing

20. Prevent/remedy incontinence.


Ready to start your Yoni Egg practice and connect to the Divine Feminine within? Explore our full collection of Yoni Eggs below:

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