Channeling The Wild Woman

Channeling The Wild Woman

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 Embracing the wild woman is an alchemy of wildfire and cosmic mystery, breathing life back into once stale lungs.

There is no way back once you begin to walk her shores and worship upon the her divine altar.

She is both compass and tempest, beacon and storm. Within the arms of the wild woman, all things are transformed. Embracing the softness of vulnerability, and the strength and power that lies deep within it. Honoring our phases in the same way the moon does, the ebb and flow of our insight and healing journey.





If every person started on their own personal healing journey, integrated their shadow side and cast out their own demons, no one would need to save the world.  We only have to save ourselves. Heal yourself to heal the world.


Valuing and expressing your emotions, both the ‘good’ and the ‘bad’: cry if you need to, scream if you need to and howl with delight if you need to! The depth of the suppression (by both ourselves and others) of much of our primal nature is often shown in reluctance, or inability to use our voices. Not only in speaking our truths, but also in making weird and wonderful sounds, due to fears that other people will think we are out of control. But sound is the most fundamental of vibrational expressions so when we stifle it, we are preventing the flow of our most basic form of creation. And who says ‘out of control’ is so bad, once in a while?!


Mother Nature can be one of the most healing transformative catalysts to help you tap into your inner primal energy. Take time to spend time with her. Plant your bare feet on the Earth, slowly inhale the smell of fresh flowers and rich soil, swim in her oceans and rivers and feel her nurturing energy. Notice how nature blooms and thrives in all its seasons, phases and weather. 


The foundation for thriving as a woman is through our time of self-reflection, care, nurturing of the self and drowning ourselves in love. Whether this is done by self-pleasure, practicing with a Yoni Egg internally, dancing and feeling our bodies, taking baths with crystals and essential oils, holding rituals for ourselves, or cooking our favorite meal- small acts of self love give us the essential layout we need to be grounded, present, and comfortable in our own vessel. Tapping into our sensual energy that lies deep within us opens doors of creativity, pleasure, and orgasmic bliss in all forms of our life. 


Every person has places of flow in their life and points of challenge or restriction. Rather than working harder when things are not flowing, it’s helpful to come to your own centre by pausing for a moment or even an hour. Take time to be quiet, reflect on the inner landscape, and receive the guidance that arises. Note where the energy is flowing. After taking an intentional pause, move in the direction of natural flow. If, for example, a work project is overwhelming or not aligning for you, take time to clean your closets or plant in your garden where you can make some tangible progress. Then return to your work project and see if you have a new perspective or direction. Engaging the natural flow gives energy to your body and life. Like a river that pushes through a log jam, the natural ways creative energy is moving may open a whole new area of potential for you. For Sarah, she always had a natural sense of flow when working in her garden but hardly made time for it with all that she needed to accomplish. By making time for gardening, even for fifteen minutes, she found that she was in a better mood and felt refreshed. While in her garden, she also felt more expansive and had a natural flow of ideas for other aspects of her life.


To reclaim your divinity, which is within everyone of us, it is about releasing trauma and past conditioning that suppresses your unique feminine essence from expressing through you. And to release such trauma and past conditioning, this requires you to be completely present with your negative and positive emotions — sadness, anger, grief, joy, love — and not making them wrong. Because this is the truth of how you’re feeling now. I hope that if you are feeling held back by fear, doubt, past conditioning, that you’ll remember that what will set you free is being completely present with your emotions, feeling them, and know that this too shall pass. There is tremendous freedom in that. It is okay to FEEL instead of running away from our desire to release. The release and shifts come from the process of breaking open. Scream, cry, laugh, move in a way that heals you, do anything you have to do to work with your pain. By celebrating it and giving it space to be seen and heard, the release process begins. 

“The old one, The One Who Knows is within us. She thrives in the deepest soul-pshyche of women, the ancient and vital wild Self. Her home is that place in time where the spirit of women and the spirit of wolf meet – the place where mind and instincts mingle, where a woman’s deep life funds her mundane life. It is the point where the I and the Thous kiss, the place where, in all spirit, women run with the wolves.”

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