Yoni Egg Exercises For Better Orgasms and a Stronger Pelvic Floor | Suntribe Wellness

Yoni Egg Exercises For Better Orgasms and a Stronger Pelvic Floor | Suntribe Wellness


By Nolita Ananda

Ok, so you’ve just purchased a Jade Egg and you know it will cultivate your feminine radiance because you’ve done your research.

Inside the package is a beautiful egg-shaped gemstone. It’s something special and you take a moment to be in awe of its energetic power.


You’re committed to taking time out of your day to lie on your back, rock your pelvis, and ‘smile at your vagina’ while making hissing sounds.

In the first week, you use it twice. In the second week, once. And by the third week, the sacred Jade Egg is sitting on your shelf collecting dust.

Now you look at it from time to time, reminding yourself that you really need to do your exercises again sometime.

Sounds familiar?

Then it’s time to pay attention.

Jade Eggs improve your health, strengthen your lady bits, and enhance your sex life only if you use them!

Many traditional Taoist practices certainly have a place in today’s fast-paced world, but most women find it challenging to balance them with their busy lives.

You’re busy. I get it. You get up early, wipe the sleep out of your eyes, hop in the shower, have a quick breakfast and are off to work by 8. There just isn’t extra time for all these Jade Egg exercises you find on YouTube.

Integrating a yoni egg practice into your schedule is easier than you think!




#1 Wear Your Jade Egg At Work

Add intimacy to your morning routine by wearing your Jade Egg to work.

You can embrace your Jade Egg consciously by holding tight and  releasing  your vagina muscles  whenever you remember, or you can just forget about it all together.

Your yoni will become strong and powerful just from the movement of the body during the day.

Wearing your Jade Eggs at work can also be useful if you have a lot of tension or a demanding boss. To reconnect with your feminine radiance, practice holding tight  and releasing consciously during the most stressful moments. This helps you retain a peaceful mind.


#2 Wear Your Jade Egg At The Gym  

If you have time to exercise during your lunch hour, you have time for your Jade Egg.

Keep your Jade Egg in your gym bag and use it during your exercise routine. The muscles of your yoni will naturally tighten to keep the egg in place during dynamic movement. 

Before you know it, you will be lifting steel with your vagina!

#3 Jade Egg Playtime When You Clean Up

Let’s face it. Chores need to be done. The dishes need to be washed, the floor needs to be mopped and the trash needs to be taken out.

This can be a boring, mundane way to spend a Sunday afternoon, or you can take the opportunity to have a little fun with some Jade Egg play time.

Put on your favorite music and playfully place your egg in your yoni. Then jump and dance around the house while you’re doing your mundane tasks!

This may also help you overcome any fears of the egg dropping out while moving.

#4 Give your bath time a blissful Jade Egg boost

One of my favourite sacred feminine rituals is bath time. This is an ideal time to practice isolating lady muscles using a small Jade Egg.

After warming the egg in the bath water, lie back and close your eyes. Allow your yoni to sip in your egg. Bring awareness to the muscles of your yoni around the opening, the middle and up close to the cervix.

Practice squeezing and releasing your yoni’s muscles and see if it’s possible to move the egg up and down the vaginal canal.

You may gently tug on the string for resistance while identifying the different areas the muscles can be isolated.

You may also play the string like a harp, stimulate sensations and watch the vibrations ripple the water, which can provide endless entertainment.

#5 Heat up your already hot date

So that gorgeous guy you’ve had your eye on finally asked you out. It’s Saturday night and you ‘re looking good! You’re putting the last touches on your makeup as you spot your Jade Eggs. A cheeky grin creeps across your face.

Yes! Absolutely! Definitely use the eggs!

his will be a fun little feminine secret and you’ll keep him guessing why you’re smiling so playfully throughout the date. If things go well, you might even tell him that you have a tiny little secret jewel for him to play with.

#6 Play in your bedroom

I can tell you from my Jade Egg experience that men become incredibly attentive when a woman talks about her sacred Jade Egg practice.

Men are genuinely interested if it’s approached in a loving manner.

You can even take this conversation to the bedroom! Use the egg during foreplay, keeping it light and playful. Check in with each other, communicate openly, and be honest with each other about whatever feelings arise.

Feeling the healing power of the Jade Egg inside your body during these moments of deep connection can greatly enhance the energetic sensation between you and your lover.

See what works for you. You and your partner might enjoy it so much that it becomes a regular Jade Egg bedroom practice!

By Nolita Ananda | Edited by Allison Ross


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