Yoni Eggs & Yoni Wands: What's the Difference? | Suntribe Wellness

Yoni Eggs & Yoni Wands: What's the Difference? | Suntribe Wellness

How Do Yoni Eggs and Yoni Wands Differ?

Both yoni wands and yoni eggs help to build sensitivity and increase our capacity for pleasure, but there are some differences between the two crystal pleasure toys which make them best suited for different purposes.




Yoni Eggs

Yoni Eggs are better for toning the pelvic floor and for building dexterity.  They can also be “worn” – so a yoni egg practice can be continued into your day (at least for a couple of hours) and, in this way, nicely integrated into your life as a whole and with more time to build sensory awareness – the connection between the brain and vagina, which has immensely powerful healing results.  There is also a big clue in the appearance of the two… the shape and energy of the eggs is very feminine – very “yin” – gentle, teaching us to receive, to be more open and to connect with and build sexual energy.  Yoni eggs are grounding in nature and have a strong restorative effect on the whole vagina/womb area.


 Amethyst Yoni Egg (left) + Rose Quartz Yoni Egg (right)




Yoni Wands

Yoni Wands are better for de-armoring the vagina and cervix, as it is possible to keep hold of them – even when you are on the cervix – and to direct them to specific points and hold them there whilst your body releases. They are also a wonderful self-pleasure or partner-pleasure tool. The shape and energy of the wands is masculine – very “yang” – they have a clear, direct focus (de-armoring or pleasure) and are more about releasing sexual energy/unwanted emotions – which brings its own healing and builds vitality. Using a yoni wand is like upping your pleasure experience several notches – highly recommended! 


Yoni wands are used much like any other dildo or insertable toy.  They can be used to massage the erogenous zones, and while we focus mainly on our female customers, they make wonderful sacred sex tools for everyone.



Rose Quartz Yoni Wand - CURVE


Those who choose a crystal pleasure wand are often interested in healing and embracing their sexuality and spirituality, and yoni wands provide a tangible and beautiful way to anchor this intention into our everyday lives.  It can be very healing to mentally recite a chosen affirmation while breathing deeply and massaging your most sacred and intimate places.


Experiment with temperatures to bring a new element to your sacred self pleasure. Warm or cool the wand (in a bowl of hot or cold water) before playing, if you are feeling adventurous.


These wands are made of natural quartz crystal and it’s important that they are treated with care. Dropping your yoni wand or cooling a hot wand too quickly could certainly lead to fractures or breakage. Treat your yoni wand with respect and care.


 Clear Quartz Yoni Wand


If working with a yoni wand is intensifying unwanted emotions it is likely because:


-The wand is bringing emotions up to the surface of your consciousness to be acknowledged, blessed with love, and released (such as repressed trauma, anger or grief that has been buried and held inside of one's body).  As energy healers we know that a huge part of releasing painful emotional blockages is acknowledging they exist and then thanking them for the lesson and letting them go.


-You are not cleansing the yoni wand energetically enough and it needs to be cleared of the energies it has been helping you to disintegrate and release.  Whether it’s by using a cleansing mist, or any other crystal safe cleansing method such as smudging, soaking in a bowl of salt water, sound clearing, energy clearing, or letting the sun and moon cleanse and charge the wand, this step is very important.


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