Invoking Valentines Energy in February

Invoking Valentines Energy in February


Valentines Day is known worldwide for being a day of celebrating beauty and love. Whether you are honoring your sacred solitude or celebrating with a partner (or partners) during this time, this is a beautiful month to call in more self and universal love, sensuality and juiciness into your life. Below are 3 heart opening tools to incorporate into your routine this month:

Raw Chocolate


Cacao has been reported to exert several effects on human sexuality, acting mainly as an effective aphrodisiac, increasing sexual desire and improving sexual pleasure. It has been claimed to contain a chemical substance known as phenylethylamine, which has been reported to stimulate the hypothalamus, inducing pleasurable sensations as well as affecting the levels of two neurotransmitters – 5-hydroxytrytamine (serotonin) and endorphins in the brain – hence enhancing mood lifting and sexual drive. These chemicals occur naturally and are released by the brain into the nervous system during situations of happiness and feelings of love, passion and/or lust. This causes a rapid mood change, a rise in blood pressure, an increase in heart rate and an inducement of those feelings of well-being bordering on euphoria that are usually associated with being in love.

Cacao is the ideal treat to add to your love-invoking ceremonies. Make a delicious cacao hot chocolate, or make your own cacao truffles at home. You can even add rose petals and maca for extra love-infused energy.


Rose Oil

The rose has been a symbol of love, beauty, passio, and romance for thousands of years. It has been praised by ancient Romans, Greeks, and Egyptians in their quest for love and has been associated with the divine. Therefore rose is the ideal flower to integrate into your love rituals. The vibration frequency of essential oil reflects its bio-energy or life force and it determines its therapeutic value. Studies have proven that a drop of essential oil placed on a human foot can deliver its information into each and every cell in your body within 21 minutes. Most essential oil frequencies start at 52Hz and reach a maximum vibration of 320Hz. Rose oil has extremely high vibration frequency, vibrating at 320mhz. It is actually the highest vibration frequency of all essential oils on the planet, which makes it one of the most beneficial therapeutic essential oils. Although rose oil has many therapeutic properties, many underestimate the fact that it is one of the strongest aphrodisiacs found in nature. It has the potential to induce love, romance and desire. It helps stimulate sexual energy and improve sex life. Place a few drops into the palms of your hands and inhale its scent, or place drops on the pressure points and chakra centers of the body. It is also wonderful to add to a bath with rose petals, or on your pillow before bed.


Rose Quartz 

Known as "The Stone of Unconditional Love,” the soft and soothing feminine energy that it carries is able to open your Heart Chakra, in order to allay your body with pure love and compassion. Rose Quartz can aid in mending relationships, including the love you relationship you have with yourself. The transfer of Rose Quartz's nourishing energy allows you to experience the bliss of pure self-love. It creates a space for compassion to enter and grow, so you appreciate and love your body and entire being. You may understand all of your heart's desires. Our favorite multi-use Rose Quartz tool is the Shakti Rose Quartz Wand. This beautiful crystal can be used for internal or external massage and self-exploration. The shape of the wand is very “yang” – it has a clear, direct focus (de-armouring or pleasure) and is more about releasing sexual energy/unwanted emotions while the nurturing essence of Rose Quartz brings a sense of gentleness and divine love to the process.

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