Moon Phases, Sacred Sex & Manifestation

Moon Phases, Sacred Sex & Manifestation

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 The moon can effect our moods, behavior, our bodies – and naturally within this our libido; sexual desires and activity. Sacred sex by the full or new/black moon can connect with ‘birthing’ ideas into reality and letting go of what no longer serves to create even deeper love for yourself and between you and your beloved.

As making love is an act of ‘co-creation’ it thus has the potential for manifestation, especially on a new moon.

 Making love on the New Moon

The new moon is about beginnings, it is the fertile cosmic soil in which you can nurture and grow what you want to bring to earth, on the physical plane. Sacred sex / love making can be even more magical on the new moon especially with an intention in place. This intention is one that you share together with your partner; such as focusing on finding your new home, creating a shared business, starting a family etc. Your shared intention can bring about powerful shifts and greatly assist the ‘birthing’ of your desires.


3 steps to Manifestation Lovin’ on the New Moon

  1. What do we want to manifest together? Explore this question as a couple then commits to making love 3-5 days from the new moon – as it begins the waxing phase. While you make love keep your shared intention in mind…
  1. Focused Orgasm – If you choose to reach an orgasmic peak together this is the time you want to focus on what you are manifesting as a couple by directing your thoughts purely to this creation as you near and reach a/each peak…
  1. Visualize – As you relish in the orgasm or orgasmic moments of your love making this is the time to visualize with as much detail as possible that which you are ‘birthing’ into the world together.

Making Love on the Full Moon

A feminine planet, the moon when she is full radiates energy which stimulates intuition, affection, and desire for spiritual connection. The amplified energy of a full moon has many varying effects on people, hence the word ‘lunatic’ for it can bring out the craziness and erratic nature, and can heighten anger and short tempers. Likewise, it also has the power to fuel the fire of passion and sensuality as the effects of the moon weave into your daily life and states of mind. Interestingly when it comes to sacred loving on the full moon the animal kingdom has led the way; with numerous species mating specifically at this time to enhance their chances of procreation.

Since it relates to water and rules the tides the moon also guides changes, movement, and body rhythms in humans. For women, this includes the menstrual cycle, pregnancy and physical changes as a female goes from virgin/maiden to mother and wise woman/crone throughout her life. Specifically, lunar energy affects the breasts, ovaries, and digestive system.
Each month, the full moon creates a time of intensified energy and elevated spiritual activity. More sexual thoughts and feelings may come to mind while the moon is full. Ancient tribes of many cultures used to practice fertility rites at this time and many believe it is the ideal time to conceive.

Use the sensual energy of a full moon to increase your sensual, sexual and spiritual connection with yourself and your beloved.

You may like to explore and enjoy;

  3 Full Moon Lovin’ Rituals

  1. Prepare and share a naked banquette hand-feeding each other some of your favorite delicious foods as gentle music plays and candles and incense burn around you.  The moon is connected to the star sign of Cancer – the homemaking, loving and nurturing crab who adores fine foods, especially when they are shared with a lover.
  1. Share a shower / have an oil infused bath / take a skinny dip in a pool, ocean or sea. The moon connects to water, so being in the element of this divine planet is an ideal way to celebrate the full moon magic. Especially outside as you bask under her divine rays.
  1. Create a ritual of Sacred Sexual Magic – A conscious form of lovemaking that takes the experience to a place of mutual worship of body, heart, soul and spirit with the power and protection of the Moon. You may like to do this clothed or disrobed either outside under the moon if the weather permits or somewhere near a window where her light rays can stream through;


1# First create a sacred space with music, candles, pillows and temperature control, in a place you won't be disturbed for as long as you desire. I recommend 2 hours minimum.

2# Turn to face each other, knee to knee and gaze into each other's eyes 3-5 minutes. Softening your eyes and surrendering to connecting to your beloved’s soul in perfect love and perfect trust, in gratitude and surrender.

3# If you can see the full moon from where you are sitting together in lotus position looking up at her for 2-3 minutes. Feel the moonbeams come into your body temple, fill you and then expand out into the room of your sacred space. Filling and protecting the entire space. Thank the moon for her magic. (You can simply close your eyes and visualize the moon in all her full glory if you are unable to see her).

4# Facing your beloved again – place your hand on each other's heart and your other hand on top of your beloveds on your heart (and they the same). Close your eyes, breathe slowly, deeply, in unison; inhale together and exhale together for 2-5 minutes. Relaxing into space, moment and each others energy.

5# Embrace your beloved and allow yourself to be embraced (disrobe if you have yet to, either slowly before your beloved or they may disrobe you). If you are familiar with the Yab Yum / Mother Father position in Tantra this is an ideal time to gently ease into this, with no penetration just sitting the Shakti/woman on top legs wrapped around the Shiva/man as he holds her and rocks her gently in a circular motion like a calm ocean rocks a boat.

6# Take your time, lay down and begin to explore each other’s body temple; erogenous zones such as the neck, décolletage, inner thighs (avoiding the breasts and genitals at this stage).

7# When the energy between you has built up enough you may now choose to invite the Shiva (man) into the Shakti’s sacred temple/yoni (vagina). An alternative is to use a crystal massage wand for a gentle and nurturing penetration. It is an invitation; she must be ready, willing and welcoming of him to receive him entirely so he can penetrate her to her heart and soul…enjoy your entwined journey from here.

These above rituals can also be enjoyed solo, using a crystal massage wand or crystal yoni egg.

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It is important to note there is a combination of mental and hormonal changes that take place during the moon cycles. These play a role in how women and men feel at different phases of the month. A woman’s cycle naturally plays an influential role in this. As a woman following your cycle and tracking it on a moon calendar or an app on your phone is ideal for planning ‘manifestation’ love-making sessions.

While an average cycle for women is 28-32 days and a lunar cycle tends to be closer to 29, when a woman is in sync with the moon on a regular cycle she will begin to notice how ovulation and menstruation time often falls with the dark/new moon and the full moon.

Article: Stella Muse