Yoni Reflexology: The Ancient Taoist Practice For Sexual Healing | Suntribe Wellness

Yoni Reflexology: The Ancient Taoist Practice For Sexual Healing | Suntribe Wellness

Taoists believe the sexual organs to be the root of all life. Sexual energy flowing through our acupressure meridians translates to optimal health in body, mind and spirit. In reflexology, you press certain acupressure points to heal corresponding organs – but according to the Tao, the most powerful ones are in the vagina, aka the Yoni. Once these reflexology points are stimulated and given proper circulation and attention, you are opening yourself up to a whole new world of pleasure as well as optimal vaginal and physical health.

Keep reading to learn all about yoni reflexology and how to work with yoni pressure points for healing, pleasure and embodiment. 



The sexual region mirrors different organs – the bottom of the vaginal canal, or G-spot area, is connected to the kidney; go a little further up, and the midsection is linked to the liver. Gently massaging these spots not only increases different organs’ physical health, it also keeps emotional centres open. For example, gently massaging the cervix, which is linked to the heart, can be a profoundly healing experience, opening a woman’s heart so she is better able to receive and give love.

One of the oldest Taoist practices for stimulating these reflex points in the yoni is by use of a Yoni Egg. Frequent use of a Yoni Egg practice is one of the most natural and simple ways to start stimulating these reflexology points. The Yoni Eggs gently massage and awaken the reflexology points within her, as well as begin to strengthen her muscles.



Rose Quartz Yoni Egg



Kidney: When the kidney is sick, we experience fear, guilt, shame, frigidity; when it is healthy, we feel gentle, calm, still, and at peace.
Liver: An off-kilter liver makes us angry, greedy, frustrated; when it’s in balance, we feel kind, generous, and highly accepting of ourselves.
Spleen: When it is not well, there is stress, worry, and anxiety; when healthy, we feel open, centered, and grounded.
Lung: This is the most untouched part of your sexual anatomy, being the skin that surrounds the cervix, not the cervix itself. When it is sick, we feel sad, depressed, self-critical, and nostalgic. When healthy, we feel confident and present.
Heart: This is the cervix itself – when unbalanced, there is impatience, hastiness, and apathy; when healthy, we have profound respect, joy for no reason at all, and enthusiasm.

Awakening the vaginal tissue through intentional Yoni Egg practices can bring up a lot of stagnant emotions that you may have overlooked. Since old traumas, repressed memories, and energies are stored in the body, and the Yoni is a powerful energy center and the creator of new life, we hold most of this in our reproductive region. Activating these yoni pressure points will allow you to heal both physically and emotionally - ready to learn how?



-Choose a time for this practice with minimal to no distractions. A time you can really tune out the external world, let go and drop in. Do anything you would like to prepare for this alone time. Take a warm bath, do gentle yoga, light candles, etc. 


-Begin by laying down, or in any position which feels comfortable to you. Press the Yoni Egg against your body, and whenever you feel ready, your body will begin to naturally sip up the Yoni Egg. 


-Allow the egg to do the work for you. Breathe, move in ways that feel pleasurable to you, and know that your newly awakened energy centers are being stirred up, moved around, and shaken up so that healing can occur. 


-Do some hip openers.The pelvis is shaped like a bowl and the spine just like a straw that is dipped in the bowl connecting the brain to the entire network in the body. Our mind often tucks away emotions, stress, pain in the confines of the hip bowl. That is why our hips are referred as the junk drawer or the store room for dodged emotions. Hips acquire a central role in our lives. The main muscle groups of the hip flexors, iliopsoas muscles, sartorius and Rectus Femoris, are responsible for the flight, fight and freeze response in the body. Practicing hip openers while doing your Yoni Egg practice can awaken a lot of memories, old thought patterns, and emotions which need to be worked through and released.


-Breathe deeply. Create the space that you need in your hips by breathing deeply into the posture, especially when there’s discomfort.



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