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Root Into the Feminine: A Guide to Divine Feminine Embodiment

Root Into the Feminine: A Guide to Divine Feminine Embodiment

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Root Into the Feminine: A Guide to Divine Feminine Embodiment


"Makes the path of “embodying the divine feminine" practical and easy - a reminder that life doesn’t have to be hard."


Root into the Feminine is a master guide to help you awaken your inner Goddess and tap into the Divine Feminine energy that exists within us all.

This e-book was created with love for the woman who's ready to bloom, connect to Mother Earth and bring her feminine essence and gifts to the world.

🤍 Love notes from readers: 

"Root into the Feminine is a read that will connect you to the root of your soul and essence. It is beautifully written, full of soul and authenticity.

Reading it was truly the start of me reconnecting to my sacred sensuality, healing my relationship with my womb, and using my creative energy to birth my Divine purpose. 

Would recommend to anyone - one of the many guidebooks to a new world that is being created; one that honors Mother Earth, community and intuition." 

"A step by step manuscript to make living a truly fulfilling life seamless."


  1. The way of the wild feminine
  2. Stepping into surrender
  3. Shifting out of survival mode
  4. The alchemy of community
  5. Pleasure in times of uncertainty
  6. Womb wisdom
  7. Fear blockages
  8. Stepping into divine purpose
  9. Rewilding women, healing earth
  10. Goddess tonics & kitchen magic


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Customer Reviews

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kristyn e
couldn't recommend it more

there's a lot of talk about feminine embodiment and divine feminine energy on social media these days, but i've struggled to find practical resources to help me on my path. this book was beautifully written and i breezed through it in a single sitting - thank you thank you thank you!!