Root Into the Feminine: E-Book
Root Into the Feminine: E-BookRoot Into the Feminine: E-Book


How many of us feel the inner pull out of the old, and into a new, juicer way of living? To pave a new path in times of uncertainty? To live from your full feminine expression? This book is an intensive deep-dive into the Sacred Feminine in times where we are shifting out of an imbalanced paradigm.

Through a combination of embodiment-centered self-care tools, grounding exercises, ancient wisdom and exploration of old-programming, this book offers an effective approach for women to cultivate intuitive gifts, inner wisdom, and sensual energy to manifest in all aspects of life.

With 50+ pages, women will uncover new ways to step into divine purpose in times of uncertainty, ground the body from the womb-space, and redefine what it means to stand in their radiant feminine essence.

Note: 3 Downloads per purchase, please make sure to save PDF upon receiving download.

Words of love from our readers...

"Root into The Feminine is a read that will connect you to the root of your soul and essence. It is beautifully written, full of soul and authenticity. Reading it was truly the start of me reconnecting to my sacred sensuality, healing my relationship with my womb, and using my creative energy to birth my Divine purpose. Would recommend to anyone- one of the many guidebooks to a new world that is being created; one that honors the Mother Earth, community, and Intuition." -Elle P.





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