5 Ancient Secrets To Become An Empowered Woman

5 Ancient Secrets To Become An Empowered Woman

For thousands of years there were Mystery Schools that would initiate women into embodied feminine wisdom; schools that would empower women to become whole, conscious and truly powerful.

Eventually though these lineages and the knowledge they carried disappeared into the darkness.

We are being called to bring this wisdom back in new ways.

We see that much of humanity has lost it’s connection with our bodies, the Earth, and with the very essence of life. Because of this, many lost their deeper sense of meaning and soul purpose.

The time is now to reconnect with our roots, and the wisdom that lies within each one of us.  It is time to unplug from the busy-ness, and listen to the subtle whispers of our deeper inner knowing.

Here are 5 Ancient Ways To Become An Empowered Women:


#1 Talk To Your Womb

The womb is the sacred feminine vessel. It is the seat of our wisdom and intuition. It is where we create from and where all of life begins. It is connected to the moon, nature’s cycles, and to the wombs of other women.

Have you noticed that when you are close to other women, you will start bleeding at the same time?

There has been a silent war on the womb. Women have given their power to the false conditioning that teaches us to ignore, and even be repulsed by our greatest power. Our intuition has been devalued, our periods have been shamed, and our ancient wisdom has been buried.

We can now revive the power of the womb by beginning a relationship with her. She has her own voice, start listening to what she has to say. When you need guidance you can go to her. Your answer may come in a feeling, a vision or in words. Trust what comes to you.


#2 Get To Know & Love Your Cycle


Our period is a gift that connects you to your deepest feminine wisdom. It connects you to Nature’s cycles and to the female collective. It is a powerful asset that has gone shunned and ignored.

When we are menstruating we are most powerful, sensitive, and psychic. It is here where we can hear the voice of our inner guidance and of our creative inspiration.

On our cycle we are shedding our uterine layers, and releasing what no longer serves us. It is an opportunity to rebirth ourselves, and to begin a new chapter with new found clarity and inspiration.

You can get to know and love your cycle by being open to what it has to teach you. You can start a Moon Lodge, and begin journaling about your cycle. You can note how you feel emotionally, physically throughout the month. You can jot down messages you receive while you bleed and practice acting on them.

Be open to the gifts it has to give you and challenge any fears or judgments that have come from societies limited perception of it.

#3 Listen To The Earth

We are daughters of the Earth. Native Americans did not forget this truth. Mother Earth is our life-line, and she is feminine wisdom. She is beauty and abundance. She is fierce and nurturing. Raw and real. Ever had a rough day, then went outside and felt way better?

We come back to ourselves when we spend time in Nature because we are a part of it. Modern life is full of to-do lists, distractions and technology. It can take effort to carve out the space to just be outside, but it is well worth it.  

I receive all of my best ideas and incites when I am outside. I remember who I am and then I bring this into the rest of my day.


#4 Develop Your Creative Language

We are Creators at our very core. We are designed to birth new things. If we are not being creative, we are simply not being ourselves.

Ancient women spent time singing and dancing in priestess temples, creating art and making love.

Every woman has her own feminine language. Explore what inspires you most and make time for it.

For me it is dance. When I dance, an ancient feminine essence moves my body, and fulfills me in a way nothing else in this life has. Be open to what wants to move through you and have the courage to express it.



#5 Create Your Own Circle Of Women

It is easy to forget our feminine power and wisdom when we feel alone. When women gather for a deeper purpose, the satisfaction is undeniably potent. This doesn’t mean go shopping and gossip about the latest celebrities or hitting up happy hour and picking up on men.

This means coming together to share deeply and authentically, and supporting one another to rise into our full power. It means to look our fear, jealousy and judgments in the eye and dismantle them one by one, with love.

Ancient women would gather as a way of life and we are being called to revive this way.  When women gather, they remember they are a part of a beautiful and powerful female collective that is unstoppable.

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