Yoni Wands

Your Complete Guide to Yoni Wands

Crystal yoni wands aren't just any old toy - these incredible pieces hold the energetic frequency of the crystal in addition to their physical benefits. 

They can be used to massage the erogenous zones, be used internally for pleasure, or for setting intentions during sex rituals.

Below is a guide for choosing and beginning your first yoni wand practice:

Picking Your Wand Based on Crystal Properties

For most people, the process of choosing their first yoni wand is no doubt an intentional one.

People often base their decision on the properties of the crystals and on their physical and emotional needs, so this decision is an individual one.

Rose quartz wands are quite popular; they are synonymous with unconditional love, self-love, peace, forgiveness, and gentleness. Black obsidian, on the other hand, is known for its ability to rid the body of trapped negative energies and traumas.

Take some time to reflect on the aspects of yourself that could use extra energy and focus: think self-love, compassion, grounding, boundaries, etc. 

Before choosing a crystal, read upon their individual properties to select the right one for this phase in your journey.

Picking Your Wand Based on Design

Yoni wand designs also offer characteristic properties and advantages as well.

These may also influence your choice as there are subtle differences in the sensations brought on by the varying designs.

The straight wands are designed to penetrate deep into over-tired vaginal tissues and muscles to open up, release tension, and make the individual more orgasmic and receptive to touch.

The shape and energy of the wands is very “yang” – it has a clear, direct focus (de-armoring or pleasure) and is geared towards releasing sexual energy & unwanted emotions – which brings its own healing and builds vitality.

Then we have the curved wands and the G-Spot wands, which are designed with a great emphasis on ergonomics. They are great for massaging pleasure points for what is known as “erotic reflexology.”

The thinner end of the curve is crafted for an internal massage to relieve muscle tension and emotional blockages. The thicker end of the toy is perfect for G-spot exploration. Curved wands are created with the intention of healing and opening up to pleasure. 

How to Clean and Cleanse Your Wand

Keep your crystal wand in a safe sacred space, free from direct sunlight or items that may cause damage.

Use water free from chemicals (natural rainwater or spring water is ideal). You can simply rinse well with warm water and use a bit of PH balanced soap to rub over the wand.

Rub dry with a clean cloth once you're done.


Honoring your wand with energy baths is a way to honor yourself as well.

Yoni wands can be cleansed energetically by methods such as visualization, sound, or smudging with palo santo, sweetgrass, sage, etc.

Placing under moonlight is another way to cleanse as well.

Physical Use

Set Intentions

Connect with your wand through setting an intention for your practice. Some examples are cultivating deeper self-love, body exploration, manifesting, trauma healing, pleasure, etc.

Gently trace the wand over your body, and feel the energetic potency of the crystal glide over you. Take your time, breathe deeply, and notice any sensations as they arise.

Visualize your breath guiding the way. Become aware of any shortness of breath, stuck energy or tension, and breathe life into these spaces.

Tune in to the body and see if your body is saying "yes" to being entered by the wand. If it is a full-body yes, slowly begin inserting the wand, allowing the yoni to take it in rather than force and push.

From here, move slowly, intentionally, noticing any sensations arising. Whatever practice you move into from here is up to you. Hold your intentions for your practice, visualize, use alongside partner, etc. Let your body and intuition guide the rest of the way.

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