Breast Massage and Breast Love Techniques

Breast Love and Breast Massage Techniques

Article by Sofia Sundari

Many women learn to disown their bodies, and often our precious breasts is where it all starts.

Our breasts have a yang quality to them – they are very visible, even if covered by layers of clothing. From an early age we have all gotten messages from the media about the ideal breast size, the perfect breast shape. And if we feel like we don’t measure up – we start to disconnect from our breasts.

Some women go all the way and even physically cut off their breasts and replace them with implants.

And once we disconnect from them they simply go numb.

When in their natural state our breasts are our love center because they sit on either side of our spiritual heart or anahata chakra. They represent the external expression of our heart energy. Also, they are sensual and orgasmic. Yes, breast orgasm is one of the forms of orgasm in tantra. And it is a delightful one!

Breasts come in such a variety  of sizes, shapes and colors, and they are a great starting point for women to love our bodies.

Cysts or Fibroids

Some women tend to manifest cysts or fibroids in their breasts, and this can be one of the symptoms of disowning the breasts.

Cysts are created when the natural energetic flow in our breasts is hindered. Often cysts manifest when we internalise too many energies or emotions, when we don’t process them and get stuck with them.

If you have one or more cysts in your breasts learning to let your emotions flow should become your daily practice together with daily breast massage.

Another great thing to do: sunbathe your breasts and visualise solar energy penetrating the cysts and dispersing them.


Burn your bra!

(Just like I did)

Ok, don’t burn the La Perla but only use it for special occasions, like a few hours a week if you want.

There was a study that concluded that breasts gain no support or benefit from being supported with a bra.

And actually wearing a bra actually means that supporting tissues will not grow and they will actually wither and the breasts will degrade over time.

I can imagine the look on your face now, but seriously, it’s about time to question things that we’ve been so accustomed to.


Also those who wear a bra 18 – 24 hours a day have 100 times greater incidence of breast cancer than those who choose not to wear one.

Breasts are meant to move as you walk around, and that movement will keep the lymph moving and breasts healthy.

Tight bras and metal underwire is even a bigger issue – they completely block the lymph and energy flow around your breasts and heart centre. Intense push ups do the same.

So once again if you are having a sexy date and only wear your bra for a couple of hours (or minutes) before it gets taken off – go for it!

But seriously don’t wear tight and compressing bras on a daily basis. Yoga tops can be very tight too. But there are non-compressing bra-tops, which are made in pretty lace or sometimes can be found even in natural fabric. I personally really love these.


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Massaging our breasts regularly helps to harmonize our hormones, fill our breasts with energy, own this beautiful part of our bodies and open our hearts. It also helps move the blood and the lymph and prevent the formation of bumps, therefore preventing breast cancer.
Besides that our breasts mainly consist of fat tissue. And fat tends to store a lot of toxins. As we massage our breasts we release lots of toxins.

You may be uncomfortable at first with touching your own breasts, yet believe me it doesn’t take long for women to get into this practice. My students have shared effects they feel from self breast massage such as: nurturing, calming, arousing, making-me-feel-beautiful, loving…


Breast massage is a wonderful start to the day. Sometimes I do it even before I get up. I just have a bottle of oil next to my bed. And it feels delicious.

Evenings work wonderfully too. I find that it helps release the stress of the day.

By all means do breast massage as soon as you take off your bra on the days when you choose to wear one.


Try massaging your breasts with your favourite natural oil, I love using warmed up coconut or almond oil mixed with a couple of drops of rose essential oil. It is especially great because rose oil has the vibration of our heart chakra and helps harmonising energies in this areas.

Pomegranate oil is great to use for our precious breasts too.


Warm your hands by rubbing them vigorously together. Take some oil.

Place your hands on your breasts, and begin to gently rub inwards with a circular motions (see image below). This means your right hand will be moving clockwise, while your left hand moves counter-clockwise. Each rub should last a couple of seconds. Continue for as long as you like.
Then lightly rub in upward and outward circles. The hands travel together up the inside of the breasts toward the face, then outwards, downwards, inwards, and upwards again. Lightly chafe the skin in circular motions with the nipples at the center of the circle. Do not hold the breasts and move them – skim the surface of the skin.

Enjoy the sensations and connect with the warm pleasurable feelings.

Alternate between light and firm touch. How does it feel when you barely touch the skin with your fingertips?

And most importantly – enjoy!

There are a lot more techniques, but this is a great one to get you started.

Feel free to improvise, maybe you will come up with some techniques of your own. Just do what feels good.


Massaging our nipples activates our endocrine system and aids in production of lubrication in our yoni.

So yes, take time to play with your nipples, try lightly squeezing them and gently twisting.

As you practice daily breast massage you’ll notice that you begin to inhabit your breasts more. You’ll see that they respond to touch differently, they become more sensitive, they may grow and become more firm.

Other things you can do that your breasts will be grateful for:

– sunbathe your breasts (but no longer than 25-30 minutes a day, you don’t want to fry them, but some vitamin D is great for them),

– don’t use chemical deodorants (they are full of toxins which are harmful for our breasts),

– eat well, meaning avoid GMO and when possible choose organic foods,

– quit smoking & diminish alcohol (smoking breaks elastin, which results in saggy breasts & alcohol makes our skin age faster),

– do yoga postures for opening the heart (backbends, cobra pose),

– learn to be comfortable being topless and even naked. It’s our most natural outfit. Our bodies want to breathe and they can’t really breathe through clothes.

– don’t hold onto emotions, learn to let go. Like, completely.



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